A litle bit of history about the S. Hata building

Amy Gallegos11/19/19

  A customer asked the other day about the historic significance of this building, and honestly I did not know. I felt I should, so here is what I have found.... so far. Interesting! Hata Sadanosuke was born in Hiroshima Japan in 1868 and immigrated to Honolulu in 1891. In 1893, Mr. Hata worked as...

Welcome to 808 Sweet Shack!

Amy Gallegos4/22/19

Aloha Hilo!! We are excited to be here.  Let us introduce ourselves.  We are a small unique bakery providing treats and sweets you will most likely not find anywhere else on our amazing island.  All items are small batch and created from thousands of recipe researches, trials , and testing....